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Pest Control :

Magic Genie is one of the best pest control company. Our pest control service includes:

  • Herbal gel treatment in kitchen, pantries, store and other dry areas.
  • Intensive and extensive spraying with oil and water based specially formulated chemicals in toilets, Sewer, drains and other areas.
  • No smell, no colours and stains
  • No need to vacate the area.
  • Absolutely hassle free, so safe that the treatment can be carried out even while cooking is in progress.
  • We provide NRI property care services. Please contact us for details.

Our Pest Control Services include following treatments

  • Cockroach treatment, Silverfish treatment, Spiders treatment, Bed Bug treatment, Crickets and Black Ants treatment etc.

We started pest control in Delhi and NCR and now we provide pest control services pan India.

Why Magic Genie for Pest Control over others?

Specialized services by well-equipped, highly trained, experienced & verified professionals with systematic approach.   No assurance of the elimination methods used, which increase the chances of recurrence and also leave the environment prone to diseases.
Free Service in case problem is unresolved   No such provision.
Eco-friendly chemicals, which have zero or low toxicity and are approved by W.H.O. and Central Insecticide Board.   No guarantee of chemicals used. Illegal pesticides can cause serious health repercussions.
Absolutely odourless and colourless chemicals which do not leave stains on the surfaces.   The chemicals used can cause various allergies.
Facilities for Green Pest Management - a preventive measure instead of a curative measure.   No such process.
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