Magic Genie - Deep Cleaning Services in Gurgaon

What Makes Magic Genie India’s No.1 Facility Management Service?

Magic Genie is a next generation corporation, focused on Cleanliness, Hygiene and Sanitation as clear and distinct lines of business. In this section, we introduce to you all the services that we offer and why Magic Genie is your go-to Service Provider for these services.

Deep Cleaning Company (We provide NRI property care. Please contact us for details) :

We provide a seamless hypoallergenic, effective and efficient cleaning approach combining steam and thermal shock to get rid of even the most tenacious filth and grime on most surfaces and eliminate harmful microbes, viruses and other impurities, leaving your environment healthy, hygienic and happy. Our Deep Cleaning Company provides NRI property care services. Please contact us for details:

  • Dry and damp dusting from top to bottom,
  • Descaling, disinfecting, vacuuming of curtains & upholstery,
  • High rise cleaning up to 12 feet, fan, ceiling lights, AC grill covers, under bed (under mattress optional),
  • Steam cleaning of wash room (every nook and corner), urinal, bottle trap, sensor plate, water flow pipe,
  • Soft scrubbing and buffing of fitting and fixtures.
  • We provide NRI property care. Please contact us for details.

We make use of the latest technologies, eco-friendly chemicals, and deliver the perfect form of House Cleaning services by adhering to the five fundamental steps:

  • 1. Dusting
  • 2. Vacuuming
  • 3. Descaling
  • 4. Scrubbing & Buffing
  • 5. Disinfecting

These five steps included in Home Cleaning Services, eradicate all the dirt and bacteria from your house and leave it sparkling clean and fresh, transforming it to an entirely new level of cleanliness.

Why Magic Genie for Deep Cleaning over others?

Experience of providing cutting edge cleaning and maintenance solutions for over 14 years.   New entrants.
Pan-India reach, including tier II and tier III cities.   Present only in the relatively developed cities.
In-house, verified and trained cleaning team.   Being aggregators, their responsibility is limited to getting you in touch with the contractual service providers.
Deep cleaning rates are calculated on the basis of area covered.   Rates as per BHK concept.
Best quality consumables, latest machinery, eco-friendly chemicals, strict adherence to quality and all fundamentals of housekeeping.   No guarantee for the quality of materials used. Use of hazardous/unapproved chemicals can be harmful to health and especially harmful to children.

  Magic Genie - Carpet, Sofa & Chair Shampooing Services

Chair, Carpet & sofa dry cleaning Services :

Our skilled and dedicated team at Magic Genie is highly suited to handle all your furnishings related maintenance needs like Carpet, Chair & Sofa dry cleaning in Gurgaon:

  • Guaranteed usage of genuine and branded chemicals for best possible results.
  • Use of trusted and authentic, Taski chemicals For Injection extraction methods.
  • Ensure proper safety checks and barricading before commencing the procedure for your safety and security.
  • Mechanized drying for the carpets, to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • We provide NRI property care. Please contact us for details.

  Magic Genie - HandyMan Services

Electrician / Carpenter / Plumbing services (We take Turn-key Job) :

Our Electrician / Carpenter / Plumbing services offering include:

  • In-house, verified, well-groomed, well-equipped, trained and skilled Electrician/ Carpenter/ Plumber in Gurgaon.
  • Genuine spares and quality services.
  • Quality delivery responsibility - starting from our staff’s conduct to the quality of the services provided.
  • We provide NRI property care services. Please contact us for details.
  • We take Turn-key Job.

We are providing Carpenter/ Plumber/ Electrician in Gurgaon only.

Why Magic Genie for Electrician/Carpenter/ Plumbing services over others?

Thoroughly skilled professionals   No control over quality of services, since they coordinate with individual vendors.
Technically Qualified   Host technicians who mostly have experience without professional qualification
Follow well established SOPs   May not follow SOPs, therefore resulting in damage of expensive furniture & fixtures.
Proper service report, to be submitted to the client after due cross check by company’s Operations Official   No scope for feedback, or rectifications after completion of work.
We assure the quality of materials used.   No transparency in terms of materials used

  Magic Genie - Honing and Polishing Services

Honing and Polishing:

Our high skill-intensive residential Floor Cleaning and Polishing services offering includes:

  • Genuine and branded chemicals i.e. 3M – diamond grinds for better quality services.
  • Cutting edge technologies, through branded machines and equipment like Tasky.
  • For the best effect on Granite – we use granite star & GRP (Granite Restoration Paint)
  • For Italian Marble - we use Teranova and Nosle to deliver the best results.
  • We provide NRI property care services. Please contact us for details.

  Magic Genie - Pest Control Services

Pest Control :

Magic Genie is one of the best pest control company. Our pest control service includes:

  • Herbal gel treatment in kitchen, pantries, store and other dry areas.
  • Intensive and extensive spraying with oil and water based specially formulated chemicals in toilets, Sewer, drains and other areas.
  • No smell, no colours and stains
  • No need to vacate the area.
  • Absolutely hassle free, so safe that the treatment can be carried out even while cooking is in progress.
  • We provide NRI property care services. Please contact us for details.

Our Pest Control Services include following treatments

  • Cockroach treatment, Silverfish treatment, Spiders treatment, Bed Bug treatment, Crickets and Black Ants treatment etc.

We started pest control in Delhi and NCR and now we provide pest control services pan India.

Why Magic Genie for Pest Control over others?

Specialized services by well-equipped, highly trained, experienced & verified professionals with systematic approach.   No assurance of the elimination methods used, which increase the chances of recurrence and also leave the environment prone to diseases.
Free Service in case problem is unresolved   No such provision.
Eco-friendly chemicals, which have zero or low toxicity and are approved by W.H.O. and Central Insecticide Board.   No guarantee of chemicals used. Illegal pesticides can cause serious health repercussions.
Absolutely odourless and colourless chemicals which do not leave stains on the surfaces.   The chemicals used can cause various allergies.
Facilities for Green Pest Management - a preventive measure instead of a curative measure.   No such process.

  What is theMagic Genie Refund Policy?

Paid plan & Refund policy

Magic Genie is a pay-as-you-go service. You can pay for the service when you purchase the package. You can cancel the service. If the service is cancelled 3 days before the actual service date 100% of cash will be refunded. If the service is cancelled 2 days before the actual service date 75% of cash will be refunded. If the service is cancelled 1 day before the actual service date 50% of cash will be refunded. If the service is cancelled 12 hours before the actual service date 25% of cash will be refunded. If the service is cancelled at the last minutes the money will not be refunded.

We offer a demo for few customers if needed. You will be charged if you take a package after the free demo.

  Magic Genie  About Us

Magic Genie - Our Story

We began as a modest Facilities Management Company, and are now a major player in the domain of engineering services, transmission line businesses, and infrastructure and waste management projects. Way back in 2008, our Facilities Management vertical was separated from the rest of the company, under the name of A2Z Infraservices, as a strategic move to help grow the business in the Indian market. After an experience of eight years, we grew in size and scale and transformed into a public limited company in March 2010. In due course of time, through a process of merging and acquiring, the company is now valued at Rs. 280 Crores turnover, and has a workforce 15,000 + employees, over 350 happy clients and is spread over approximately 900 sites. In 2016, keeping in mind the innovations in technology and growing pressures on work-life balance, we have brought to you, Magic Genie Services Ltd. – a single point professional service provider for all your establishment upkeep and facility management service needs.

Magic Genie - Our Mission is to Serve You.……

…….by creating a healthier, hygienic and sanitized environment for you and your family. Founded on the principles of reliability, quality workmanship and accessibility, and after having worked with India’s largest Public Sector Units, corporates and government departments, we are here to extend the same level of expertise and experience to your household. We assure delivery of premium service to your doorstep by our in-house trained, experienced and police-verified staff who are equipped with the latest techniques and technologies, and are conscious about the use of eco-friendly products. Think of us as a household administration department for your family on call anytime that you need, for all your hygiene and sanitisation needs! We are constantly evolving and innovating to help serve you better, by adapting to the latest technology and market trends. We strive to serve you across three distinct and encompassing verticals.

Magic Genie - Mission Vission

Magic Genie Home Services:

With the world available to us at the touch of a finger, we understand the importance of evolving with technology. You can access consistent and accountable delivery of services through our mobile application. Unlike other facility management platforms, we take complete responsibility of the services we offer to our clients, since we are not service aggregators, but an organization where every service provider, is an employee of the organization. Be it deep cleaning services for your home or work place, pest management, plumbing, carpentry, electrical services,Honing & Polishing services,AC repairs services. we bring all this and more to your doorstep! We provide NRI property care services. Please contact us for details.

Magic Genie Eco-Tech Smart Green Toilet:

Though currently at a beta stage, with this patented technology of ours, we seek to revolutionize the sanitation methods across India. Our Eco-Tech Smart Green toilet technology does not require any external water supply as it generates its own water in real time. So much so, it does not even require sewer lines and self-cleans after every use. We intend to reach out across the length and the breadth of the country, to be able to redefine public sanitation systems in India, and benefit millions.

Magic Genie SafaiMitra:

One of the biggest ecological pressures we are grappling with, in India is the issue of waste management and garbage collection/disposal. We hope to solve this problem, one household at a time, through our intervention – the Magic Genie SafaiMitra. The Magic Genie SafaiMitra program uses the latest technology coupled with highly skilled labor in order to facilitate door-to-door dry and wet waste collection services across several cities in India. We also take pride in the fact that our garbage collection staff who were previously unskilled, and socially marginalized as rag pickers, are now skilled and empowered Safai Mitras. We are only an application away, all you need to do is download our application and we will be at your doorstep as soon as we get a request from you. We use the GPS services to navigate to our clients’ residence/office, and support online payments. We deliver our services with the promise of transparency, real time monitoring, efficient coordination and effective redressals.

  Magic Genie  Why

Magic Genie is the House Doctor for your family to ensure good health by resolving all the hygiene and sanitation problems of your house and thus make you and your family healthier, happier and safer. Founded on the principles of reliability, quality workmanship and accessibility, and after having worked with India’s largest Public Sector Units, corporates and government departments, Magic Genie is here to extend the same level of expertise and experience to your household. Did you know that India has an average life expectancy of 66.4 years as against 80 years in developed countries (per latest World Health Organization data)? That diseases like influenza, diarrhoea, dengue fever, hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria and pneumonia continue to plague India as the leading causes of death? That even today, when the world has progressed so much, millions in India fall prey to multiple episodes of diarrhoea and still others fall ill on account of Hepatitis A, enteric fever, bacterial infections, intestinal worms and eye and skin infections caused by poor hygiene and unsafe drinking water? 14 years ago, inspired by the ideals of the great Mahatma Gandhi, we decided to step up to address this dire situation in our country. A2Z started in 2002 with a bold mission, a mission to serve you by creating a healthier, hygienic and happier environment for you and your family. We continue to move forward successfully on this path and now have made break-through progress by launching Magic Genie - a single point service provider for all your household upkeep and management needs.

  Magic Genie  Policy

Welcome to our website,! (Registered as Magic Genie Services Limited). This Site is operated by Magic Genie Services Limited and has been created to provide information about our company and the Magic Genie Services, whether accessible to you via web, mobile app or other platforms (our services, together with the Site, are the "Services") by visitors and users of the Services ("you" and/or "your").

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Who we are:

In India or the world, we are Magic Genie Services Limited, a Gurgaon based company with our current head office at 0-116, First Floor, Shopping Mall, Arjun Marg, DLF City, Phase-1, Gurgaon-122002, Haryana (India).

We will refer to these companies together as “Magic Genie Services Limited ", "we", "us" and/or "our".

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Related Companies:

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What is the cancellation policy on packages?

The contract once signed shall be on firm basis and no cancellation or refund will be entertained. However, under foreseen circumstances, a refund would be made for the unused services as per mutual agreement between the parties.

Changes to Magic Genie Services Limited Privacy Policy:

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