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We are the Cleaning

With 14 years of experience, Magic Genie Services Ltd. is a part of A2Z Group which is a leading facility management service provider.

We are 100% committed to quality and our quality standards, techniques and processes are second to none in this industry. We take full ownership of the delivery and offer our services not just demand-based but for a lifetime.

India’s Biggest Companies Trust Us

We have 100s of happy clients and we count among them India’s largest Public Sector Units,

corporates and government departments including the Railways, Delhi T3 Airport, Mumbai Airport, ONGC and TCS.

All Home Services on One Platform

We enhance customer experience by hosting all services through a single platform – Deep cleaning, Pest Control.

AC Repairing, Electrical, Carpentry, Plumbing, Painting, Honing & Polishing, Carpet Shampooing, Sofa & Chair Shampooing, and more.

Professional Service Providers Not Middlemen

We own delivery of our consistent and accountable quality services, as opposed to other service.

Aggregators that contract outside plumbers, electricians, etc., who offer inconsistent and often indifferent service quality and safety.

Verified Company

We not only vouch for our service, we also vouch for our people. Our team is our biggest strength.

We have an in-house workforce of 15,000 + trained and experienced professionals. Every single professional that we deploy is a verified and valued employee of our organization.

Innovators in

With the world available to us at the touch of a finger, we understand the importance of evolving with technology.

With our creatively designed, advanced mobile App using the latest in technological innovations, you can access consistent and accountable delivery of services through your mobile. We make use of the latest, cutting edge technologies and equipment to deliver nothing short of the best possible services for your household.

Your Security and Safety is our Responsibility

We assure delivery of premium service to your doorstep by our in-house trained, experienced.

Authorized and verified staff who are equipped with the latest techniques and technologies, and are conscious about the use of non-toxic and eco-friendly products.

We are a Pan-India

Our presence spans across the country, we extend our services to Tier II and Tier III cities as well.

You can find the Magic Genie effect and impact wherever you go - to the airport, to the railways, to the corporate office or to hundreds of homes across the country.

HOW Magic Genie WORKS

Magic Genie SERVICES
Magic Genie FAQs

A2Z, one of the largest Facility Management Services companies in India, founded 14 years ago, way back in 2002, now brings to you Magic Genie – a single point service provider for all your establishment upkeep and management needs. Founded on the principles of reliability, quality workmanship and accessibility, and after having worked with India’s largest Public Sector Unit corporates and government departments, we are here to extend the same level of expertise and experience to your household. We assure delivery of premium service to your doorstep by our in-house trained, experienced and verified staff who are equipped with the latest techniques and technologies, and are conscious about the use of eco-friendly products.

Magic Genie is not a service aggregator, but a service provider. We have direct links with all the service providers, and they are all employees at Magic Genie, hence we are directly accountable to you when you choose to seek the services we offer. You also have a strong backup and the unshakeable trust of a Rs.300 crore company. We can assure you that no other company in the league would be backed by such solid credentials.

We bring to you well trained manpower backed by world class machines and chemicals which are the benchmark of the industry to your homes. In short, you can look up to us as a corporate administration for all your household maintenance needs. We don’t shy away from guaranteeing, and assuring the delivery of the best cleaning services in the country. Our primary focus is to assist you in creating a safe, happy and healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

We at Magic Genie are a team of well-trained individuals who can understand and deliver according to your requirements. We have sensitized our personnel to take care of your most delicate and precious assets.

We follow a strict policy of no compromise when it comes to choosing the chemicals we use. We make sure to use world class PH neutral chemicals which not only clean but also sanitize and ensure that your expensive fixtures and fittings get the very best care possible. The Pest control chemicals come from Bayer a world renowned chemical giant.

To clean is to remove the visible grime and dirt but to sanitize is to remove pathogens and microorganisms and restore the air quality. Therefore clean surfaces may not always be sanitized but sanitized surfaces will always be clean.

The very best, rest assured! The Magic Genie team will bring in microfiber based dusters and mops, these not only clean better but also more thoroughly. Their non-abrasive surface do not damage your expensive furniture and fittings.

Machines are an integral part of our cleaning process; therefore depending on the requirement and package we will be using Vacuums, Scrubbing machines, Steam Cleaners and hand held machines.

Magic Genie brings to you the following Services 1. House Deep Cleaning Services 2. RO Servicing 3. AC Servicing 4. Pest Control Services 5. Electrical Services 6. Plumbing Services 7. Carpentry Services We are flexible in helping you create packages, independent and customized services as per your requirement, and are constantly in the process of evolving to help ease your busy lifestyle.

Deep cleaning is a system of intense cleaning activity of the entire house or facility from top-to-bottom rather than room-to-room so that all the dust and debris is eliminated. Deep cleaning involves a thorough cleaning of all the fixtures and fittings which are usually not tended to during the regular cleaning process.

Pest control is the process of extermination of any unwanted insects/pests from your household/premises. Pest control involves use of traps and chemical sprays and fogging to get rid of house pests like cockroaches, houseflies, mosquitoes. Rodent, snake and Termite control are specialized services which also fall under this category.

Our high skill-intensive residential Marble Honing and Polishing services offering includes:
  • Genuine and branded chemicals i.e. 3M – diamond grinds for better quality services
  • Cutting edge technologies, through branded machines and equipment like Tasky
  • For the best effect on Granite – we use granite star & GRP (Granite Restoration Paint)
  • For Italian Marble - we use Teranova and Nosle to deliver the best results.
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    Land line - 0124-4517617
    Mobile No – 9990990172
    AXA Assistance- 1800 102 5730
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